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CFIC is an ideal location to collaborate with Industry, Academia, and other Government and non-government agencies. It allows for the exploration, experimentation, and assessment of promising technology. Equally, this collaborative environment is primarily used to host innovation and collaboration events in unique ways through expertly facilitated experimentation with emerging tools, processes, and methods to solve challenging Warfighter problems.

CFIC also offers unique meeting rooms and reconfigurable collaboration spaces that accommodate small and large forums. The reconfigurable space is not intended as an exclusive and dedicated workspace for ARCYBER military, government, or contractor personnel. Instead, it is considered a “common space” for any number of entities to collaborate over finite periods as “resident teams” on various solutions to ARCYBER’s operational problems while promoting creativity and enabling an environment for experimenting with new concepts and methods. 

CFIC is an ideal location for Government personnel to meet in an unclassified environment.

Interested in utilizing one of our spaces? Partners of ARCYBER and other entities who support the ARCYBER mission are welcome to request a reservation by using the link below. Requests are subject to approval based on use justification and utilization requirements.

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