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Connect and collaborate with experts as the Cyber Fusion Innovation Center (CFIC) facilitates virtual events in this series. Webinars take place quarterly and provide presentations to a wide range of audience members on various topics, including technology, cybersecurity, future-proofing efforts, and more. Throughout the hour-long virtual event, the audience can learn together, and they will have an opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A segment.

CFIC is hosting Ed Skoudis on August 13, 2024!

Look at the evolving nature of how nation-states wield power in cyberspace through military and other engagements. Hear the implications of mission preparedness and cyber ranges for practice and consider Cyber Persistence Theory and its application while taking a glimpse into where this is all headed. Also, a brief Q&A session will take place at the end of the webinar. 

More Events Coming Soon!

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